there's no place like HOME

(and in your heart)

a FREE, LIVE 2 day transformational event

Dec. 2 & 3

With Sandy Alemian

Your tour guide to HOME

Imagine a life without PLEASING, PERFECTING, MAKE-BELIEVING, SILENCING, "FIXAHOLIC-ING"...(yes it's a word now)

Maybe you've lost your way... your peace, your voice, your joy, your authentic expression in the world. Maybe you've been thrown off course by a death of a loved one, or maybe something just feels "off". You're not alone. Watch the video below...


What will this be like?

This is a 2 day powerful, transformative experiential weekend...where powerful healing happens, infused with hugs...and humor.

This powerful transformation is what I've been sharing with my clients for over 20 years.

And, this is my gift to you...NO charge for this training...just a $35 registration fee, proceeds of which will be donated to the American Red Cross.

You can save your seat for this event using either Paypal, or a credit card.

What happens when you're "HOME"?
You feel the power and strength imprinted within you before you were born.

You more often live from your heart, being of service, connected to Source, feeling fulfilled.

You feel free to follow the map of your Soul. Free to follow your inner wisdom.

You are surrendered and unstoppable.

You honor your scars…because you recognize that your vulnerability is your strength.

We all have layers of conditioning from parents, authority figures and religious teachings...telling you to play small, be nice, stay in line, be quiet and not rock the boat.

But...that conditioning is no longer serving you.

Life is asking you to LIVE OUT LOUD.
Life is asking you to break you can break the Miracle Warrior in you.
I know you feel it. 

Dec. 2 & 3...may just change your life.

10am-6pm both days

F1 Conference Center

Braintree, MA

You have two ways to save your seat...Paypal or credit card:

Click HERE now to register for this epic event with Paypal


When you register NOW, you'll be getting invited to a private FB page, where we'll be doing weekly FB LIVE videos in November, to get you ready for the event! woot woot!

Days to your transformation...









Who is Sandy Alemian?

Sandy (pictured with lil Brodie) is a warm and funny Transformational leader, Best-selling author and a powerful F*** It Spiritual coach and Medium. Since her infant daughter's death 23 years ago, her work in the world has been to be a vehicle for hope, healing, hugs and humor.


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